Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Review on the Different Types of Ecotourism

There are actually many different types of ecotourism that exist, one in particular being agro-tourism. This is one of the types of ecotourism which encourages visitors to experience the agricultural life at first hand, and this type is gathering strong support from smaller communities as well as rural communities, as rural people have come to realize the benefits of sustainable development brought about by similar forms of green tourism.

Another of the types of ecotourism is the type for which the aims are to enable participation from the local community, particularly in terms of the development and operations of tourism. One of the most important features of this type is that a reasonable share of all the revenues gained is enjoyed by the community. As well this is one of the types of ecotourism which truly maintains and respects the local culture and heritage.

More Types of Ecotourism

Another type of ecotourism is pro-poor tourism, which is a type that is set up in developing countries as a means to basically improve the local economy and assist people as best as possible. In this way it is able to enhance the linkages between tourism businesses and poor people, so that as a result poverty is reduced and as well poor people are able to participate more effectively in tourism development.

Although each different types of ecotourism is separate from the others in its own way, they all do have the same basic principles and goals, including: to minimize impact, to build environmental and cultural awareness and respect, to provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts, to provide direct financial benefits for conservation, to provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people, to raise sensitivity to host countries’ political and social climate, and to support international human rights and labor agreements.

Overall there are both positive and negative issues having to do with ecotourism, however if the situation is looked at seriously and properly and the problems are taken care of, then there will really only be positive results and aftermath from ecotourism, as there should be. The only way for this to happen however is for all of us to come together as a whole and work towards ensuring that ecotourism acts as positive as possible and that the benefits serve us all.

Whether called nature tourism or ecotourism, it offers countries new opportunities for small-enterprise investment and employment and as well increases the national stake in terms of protecting their biological resources. However, making ecotourism a positive economic and environmental tool will require policies that foster truly responsible nature tourism development, as well as broad-based and active local participation.


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Please check The International Ecotourism Society for credible information on this topic, as this article is vastly wrong on most aspects: