Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Figuring out What the Heart of Ecotourism is Really All About

Ecotourism is a new concept to many, as even though it’s been around since at least the 1980’s, it’s still not nearly as popular a concept as some feel it should be. Understanding what ecotourism is all about will help to determine for you what the heart of ecotourism really is.

Understanding the heart of ecotourism, or what the word really truly stands for is the best way to get to know the concept and to decide for yourself whether or not it’s something you’re interested in participating in.

What Ecotourism is All About

The heart of ecotourism for many is simply to help preserve the lands of our World. It’s to learn about our cultures and the way nature survives, so we can help insure life for thousands of more years to come. Some particular things that ecotourism is known for are:


Areas of land that are either purchased or leased by someone, and then turned into natural sources of lodging for ecotourists. More like camping than lodging, these ecolodges are very popular spots for tourists, making it an essential part of the heart of ecotourism. Ecolodges can be found through agencies that cater to ecotourism, or through methods of word of mouth.


Whether by the community who runs an ecolodge or the tourists themselves, preservation is a huge part of the heart of ecotourism. Animals, plants, land and even buildings and structures are made to stay preserved because of ecotourism. If there was no ecotourism, there would not be enough interest generated to preserve as much of the world as we do now.

Distant Lands-

Lands that in the past were left unexplored and even unreachable are now available to tourists due to ecotourism. Far off communities have taken the heart of ecotourism by the roots and found ways to open up lands for conservation and exploration that had previously been unattainable.

The Heart of Ecotourism is What You Make of It

In the end, the heart of ecotourism is what you feel it is. There is no right or wrong answer here it’s more the meaning of ecotourism to you and what it stands for. Whether it’s because of preserving land, having the opportunity to explore previously unknown places or just the thought of what ecotourism stands for, the heart of ecotourism is in the eye of the beholder.

The Impact of Ecotourism on Economies Varies

The environment is something that too many people take for granted. These people seem to forget that everyone needs the environment to survive. While there are a variety of different organizations that have been formed to promote environmental awareness, the fact is that many people do not choose to listen.

However, with global warming and other factors becoming more and more noticeable, people, including the governments of the world, will have to take more notice. Thus, environmental funding by governments is important, and ecotourism has become more popular. If you are interested in ecotourism, perhaps you are also interested in the impact of ecotourism on economies.

About the Impact of Ecotourism on Economies

The impact of ecotourism on economies varies in accordance with how much money various governments are will to put into the environment. There are various organizations that governments fund, but with the world situation currently what it is, the environment is not taking precedence over other happenings. Governments generally fund organizations that have a significant role n the community as it is, especially if the community is known as a tourist destination so that people can view the area’s natural resources.

There are private organizations that have to do with ecotourism, and these organizations usually do not have very much of an impact of ecotourism on economies, since they are privately funded. However, they sometimes have a larger impact on local economies.

For example, in the United States, each state has a governor. The governor of each state can allow certain funding to be passed to local environmental causes if he or she wishes. Even smaller are towns that have local governments, and those governments may or may not fund ecotourism.

So, where is the impact of ecotourism on economies the greatest? The answer is on areas that depend on their natural resources as a form of funding for their everyday economy. These are rural places found all over the world, as well as resort areas that offer natural getaways. The proceeds go to both the environment and the everyday functioning of the local government.

If you would like to find out what the impact of ecotourism on your local economy is, you have a variety of options. If you have a City Hall, go there and inquire. You might also be able to search the internet and get the information from your town’s official website. You are sure to find interesting information on ecotourism with the proper research.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Popular Question: What Are the Components in Ecotourism?

You are a person that is very much interested in how the environment is fairing. Recent changes in the global environment, especially in the form of global warming, are really starting to make people take notice of their environment. You have decided that your next vacation will have to do with educating yourself about the environment, so you would like to know the answer to the question: “What are the components in ecotourism?”

What Are the Components in Ecotourism? Is There a Definitive Answer?

To figure out the answer to the question “What are the components in ecotourism?” you first have to figure out what ecotourism really is. Ecotourism is a relatively new concept, in which people can take retreats to natural places, such as parks or wildlife reserves, and there they can experience nature through various means.

When referring to the answer “What are the components in ecotourism?” the components can actually be a variety of different things. For example, if you are a person that is interested in wildlife conservation, you might decide to take an informational nature hike, where a guide will show where various forms of wildlife live, as well as what you can do to protect endangered species.

However, it is important to mention that although you might get an answer to your question “What are the components in ecotourism?” from one source, another source might give you a completely different answer. This is because various forms of ecotourism are managed by various different companies, groups, or organizations.

Thus, if you have many different questions about ecotourism, in addition to the main question of “What are the components in ecotourism?” you have a variety of different options as to how you can get more information. First of all, if you would prefer to participate in an ecotourism event locally, check your phone book for various advertisements. You can also look in your local newspaper to see if there are any applicable events.

Want to go somewhere far away for an ecotourism vacation? All you have to so is search the internet or visit your local travel agency. However, be aware that some events are more expensive than others, so be sure that you have an idea of what your budget will be beforehand. Also, be aware that some websites might not provide the most accurate information. However, you are sure to find the right ecotourism event for you with the proper research.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Review on the Different Types of Ecotourism

There are actually many different types of ecotourism that exist, one in particular being agro-tourism. This is one of the types of ecotourism which encourages visitors to experience the agricultural life at first hand, and this type is gathering strong support from smaller communities as well as rural communities, as rural people have come to realize the benefits of sustainable development brought about by similar forms of green tourism.

Another of the types of ecotourism is the type for which the aims are to enable participation from the local community, particularly in terms of the development and operations of tourism. One of the most important features of this type is that a reasonable share of all the revenues gained is enjoyed by the community. As well this is one of the types of ecotourism which truly maintains and respects the local culture and heritage.

More Types of Ecotourism

Another type of ecotourism is pro-poor tourism, which is a type that is set up in developing countries as a means to basically improve the local economy and assist people as best as possible. In this way it is able to enhance the linkages between tourism businesses and poor people, so that as a result poverty is reduced and as well poor people are able to participate more effectively in tourism development.

Although each different types of ecotourism is separate from the others in its own way, they all do have the same basic principles and goals, including: to minimize impact, to build environmental and cultural awareness and respect, to provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts, to provide direct financial benefits for conservation, to provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people, to raise sensitivity to host countries’ political and social climate, and to support international human rights and labor agreements.

Overall there are both positive and negative issues having to do with ecotourism, however if the situation is looked at seriously and properly and the problems are taken care of, then there will really only be positive results and aftermath from ecotourism, as there should be. The only way for this to happen however is for all of us to come together as a whole and work towards ensuring that ecotourism acts as positive as possible and that the benefits serve us all.

Whether called nature tourism or ecotourism, it offers countries new opportunities for small-enterprise investment and employment and as well increases the national stake in terms of protecting their biological resources. However, making ecotourism a positive economic and environmental tool will require policies that foster truly responsible nature tourism development, as well as broad-based and active local participation.

The Importance of the International Ecotourism Society

When people hear the name of a governing body or organization, they may be somewhat put off by the mere mention of the name. This would betray the fact that there is a certain level of cynicism on people’s part towards any organization that oversees the activities of a particular movement or ideology.

In the case of the International Ecotourism Society, such cynicism is not well founded. The International Ecotourism Society has done a great deal of good in the world for the ecotourism movement having raised public awareness on the subject of ecotourism to a high level and, in addition to the tremendous benefit to the environment that such awareness has brought, it has also brought a great deal of fun an joy to people’s live by providing them with an educational hobby and activity that people of all ages can enjoy and take part in.

What is the International Ecotourism Society?

Paraphrasing the motto of the International Ecotourism Society, the purpose of the organization is to promote travel to areas in the world in a manner that conserves the environment and respects the local indigenous people. To some, this may not sound impressive because the notion that one would travel somewhere to harm the environment sounds like pure fiction.

Actually, it remains fact. Consider the following: there are tours to Africa where irresponsibly hunting expeditions occur in severe violation of local hunting and conservation laws. The International Ecotourism Society provides excellent balance to this absurd irresponsibility that others take part in.

The International Ecotourism Society offers a tremendous service that is priceless and the world in general owes it a great many thanks for all the work it has done in raising public awareness of the important issues it deals with. Perhaps you should send them an email and than them. Here is the contact info:

Contacting the International Ecotourism Society

If one wishes to contact the International Ecotourism Society, all one needs to do it visit their website at In addition to contact information, the website provides a tremendous amount of information in regards to the ecotourism movement and what it entails and what it is about.

In fact, this site is so comprehensive some of the information presented on the site can prove to be very, very eye opening. Perhaps you may wish to send over an environmentalist doubting Thomas to the site so that perhaps they may be converted to the cause! Who knows, it may be worth a shot!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Learning About What the Problems are With EcoTourism

Ecotourism is a term which refers to a form of nature-based tourism. In the field, it has proven to be one of the most effective tools for long-term conservation of biodiversity when the right circumstances are present, and it is of special interest for its relationship with conservation, sustainability, and biological diversity.

As a development tool, ecotourism is able to advance the three basic goals of the Convention on Biological Diversity, which are as follows: to conserve biological diversity by strengthening protected area management systems, to promote the sustainable use of biodiversity, and to share the benefits of ecotourism developments equitably with local communities and indigenous people by obtaining their informed consent and full participation in the planning and management of ecotourism businesses.

What the Problems are With Ecotourism

When it comes to the issue of what the problems are with ecotourism, there are actually quite a few. It is believed that there are still some major negative issues having to do with ecotourism, namely corrupt governments that pay lip service to the concept while looking the other way as poachers or illegal loggers, for instance, continue to peck away at some precious resources.

For the issue of what the problems are with ecotourism, even in the developed world with reasonably honest governments and court systems, precious resources are often endangered by perfectly legal threats.

As well in regards to the matter of what the problems are with ecotourism, as it stands now, ecotourism presents problems of its own and really cannot be seen as being a panacea for all the problems of the past. In some areas problems such as trail erosion and increased trash have actually been noted, and other problems are expected to arise from the increased use of land in question.

However overall, even after a thorough consideration of what the problems are with ecotourism, it is still one of the best ideas to emerge in global travel in a long time, and basically, as long as people are willing to pay to see where they live, and need food, guides and accommodations to do so, then locals will have every incentive necessary to protect and nurture their resources.

If the present issues are taken properly and seriously into consideration and dealt with properly, then the problems surrounding ecotourism will at least lessen, allowing the positive remnants to be shown more clearly. The goal is to have ecotourism be as positive as possible overall.

Understanding Why Is Ecotourism Important

It was once a beautiful river that was loaded with incredibly diverse animal life. People would travel from all over the country to rest on the bans of the river and bask in the sun, fish or spend a little time swimming. Boats were a common site on the river and they glistened in the sun that reflected off the blue/green water.

This was a wonderful sight…50 years ago. What has just been described is the Delaware River of many years ago. What exists today is a sad travesty and a perversion of what the Delaware River once was. In recent decades, massive pollution destroyed the Delaware River killing all the animal life and destroying the tourism that once provided important revenue to the local economy.

Additionally, the pollution that killed the ecosystem of the Delaware River later spread to the various creeks connected to the river. The Delaware River is but one example as this sad tale of a destroyed environment is sadly commonplace. Why is ecotourism important? It can stop such madness.

Why is ecotourism important? It creates awareness.

A major reason for the destruction of the Delaware River was not public apathy. In fact, when the total effects of the damage were finally revealed, the public was outraged. Of course, there was nothing they could do other than stop further pollution. When this occurred, however, it was too late as the major damage had already been done. The public had simply not been educated towards understanding the severity of the situation.

Why is ecotourism important? It provides for the impetus of awareness that educates the public on the importance of environmental issues and explains the consequences before they occur. Ecotourism is far more than a mere trendy vacation concept; it is a vital part of keeping the planet safe and pristine.

Why is ecotourism important? It protects conservation.

Why is ecotourism important? Because of the fact that from the awareness that it creates there comes a movement for conservation. Without awareness, there will be no way to mount an effective conservation movement. It is not a ‘stretch’ to point out that the ecotourism movement has proven to be critically important in keeping the environmental movement alive in the world. Supporting the ecotourism movement is not just a leisure activity; it is a vital part of the safety of out society and the natural world. Because of this, those who sponsor ecotourism need your support and patronage. Please provide it to them.